[FIXED] does the paths-auto-configure have a problem?

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[FIXED] does the paths-auto-configure have a problem?

Postby prathapml » 12. March 2005 01:40

Hello to all,
XAMPP has been a wonderful journey since discovering last month. But I recently noticed a problem, so decided to report it, as I'm not sure if its because of a bug, or something that I did.

1. Downloaded XAMPP 1.4.12 installer version.
2. Installed from it, all servers ran fine.
3. Changed installation path:
from: C:\ApacheFriends\xampp
To: C:\Friends\xampp
4. Now I ran "setup_xampp.bat" so that the installation paths would get refreshed. And it looks like the command got executed fine, but actually it has not.
5. I find that the file paths haven't got changed at all. (example: in httpd.conf, "ServerRoot" path never changes to new path).
6. I have no idea what to do to remedy this. What's the mistake I have made in above, Someone please tell me? :)

Further Information:
- I have also tried xampp 1.4.11 - in that version, the paths are refreshed properly after moving folders.
- I have tried using xampp 1.4.12 7zip version - in that one, the paths does not ever get configured, because its functioning in same way as the setup.bat in installer version. In fact, in the 7zip version, if I run the "setup_xampp.bat" and after that check the httpd.conf, I see that ZERO changes have been made to it.

Also, one more thing I have seen, is that:
1. xampp 1.4.12 installer version works fine after installing from it
2. But now if I install the perl add-on package
3. After that, run the xampp-setup....
4. Now its not able to configure the perl
5. And even apache is not able to start anymore, after perl install.
6. This is despite being in the same path as before perl install.

Only xampp installer package is able to configure paths, during install. Out side of that, paths does not get configured at all, in version 1.4.12
But XAMPP 1.4.11 did not have this problem.

I hope I have given enough information for someone to be able to help me, or to fix the bug.

Cheers !!!
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Postby prathapml » 16. March 2005 15:22

Hallo again,
I did some more tests to identify the cause of error.

While all of the above was an analysis of the FULL package of XAMPP/windows, I had not tried the lite version.
Today I have tried the lite version, and I have found that it works perfectly. After moving to any folder, I just need to run the "setup_xampp.bat", and its able to refresh the paths properly.

So.... This shows that:
v1.4.11 is working fine for me.
v1.4.12 (lite) is also working properly.
v1.4.12 (full) has a problem.

The problem is that paths are not refreshed when you re-run the "setup_xampp.bat". This has to be because something was added/changed ONLY in that specific version, which broke path-refresh functionality.

Can somebody PLEASE help me here? :(
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Postby prathapml » 24. March 2005 01:17

No info yet? :cry:
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Postby prathapml » 25. March 2005 08:53

Hey, did I mention that the PHP-switch batch-file works fine.
As I have said above, it is only the paths-refreshing script which is not working.

Anyone here? Helloooooo ?
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Postby prathapml » 13. April 2005 00:28

I have hit a jackpot today!
I mean, I am very happy :D

This problem has been fixed in XAMPP for windows, v1.4.13
No idea how they did it or what.... but its all working fine now.
This is a great application indeed! Thanks go out to all who were involved in the making of xampp!

And I guess I will be visiting the beta address a lot more now, to be updated on getting bugs fixed.
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