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permission to create a new database

PostPosted: 11. March 2005 13:12
by ericericsen
I would be most grateful for an explanation of how I could create a database other than test. I have no difficulty in using mysql>drop database test; but when I try mysql> create database new; I am told that Access is denied for user ''@'%' to database new. So far as I can tell XAMPP is configured so that the user is root and there is no password. Using this configuration I have no difficulty in creating tables in the test database and adding and retrieving data from with PHP code via the Apache server on localhost. (And when I used MySQL as a stand-alone server I don't encounter this glitch. XAMPP is a marvel in that it spares us the trials of configuring Apache.)

Perhaps the solution is blindingly obvious but in this area of human endeavour I am surprised with increasing frequency at my lack of intuition

PostPosted: 11. March 2005 15:50
by Dave_L

mysql -u root -p

Or use phpMyAdmin:


permission to create a new database

PostPosted: 16. March 2005 14:14
by ericericsen
Many thanks to Dave_L for his two suggestions. The first does not do the trick whereas the second works a treat - providing all the functionality I sought and much more too. I have stopped looking in that dreadful little black window which responded to my requests as if it were the right hemisphere of a split-brain preparation .

Kind regards