Xampp running, but Internet explorer doesn't display!

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Xampp running, but Internet explorer doesn't display!

Postby spongebob » 10. March 2005 00:00

Hi folks,
Been at this for days with no progress! I'm stumped.
I have extracted xampp to the C drive, everything seems ok. Then...

I open setup_xampp, and it works fine. (Says have fun with Apache).

I open apache_start, and it says: 'Apache 2 is starting... ' and
that's all.
I can open apache_stop, and that says
'APACHE.EXE (4293694267)' (next line)
'APACHE.EXE (4293367535)'
And in the window title (you know the blue part!) it says
'Finished apache_stop.'
But the DOS window remains.

I open mysql_start, and it says
'mySQL is starting with mysql\bin\my.cnf (console)'
If I open mysql_stop, it says
'Mysql shutdown... C:\XAMPP\MYSQL\BIN\MYSQLA~1.EXE: Shutdown failed;
error: 'Access denied. You need the SHUTDOWN privilege for this
operation' '.
The DOS window remains, and I have to ctrlAltDelete to shut down

If I open xampp_start, it seems to be working fine. I get the line
'APACHE + MYSQL is starting now'.
If I open xampp_stop, it successfully kills apache and closes the DOS

At any interval with any combination of the above starts and stops,
if I open Internet Explorer and try to go to http://localhost, it
tells me this page is unavailable offline.

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Postby spongebob » 10. March 2005 16:42

Woohoo! I fixed it! Alright! Yeah!
I changed the proxy settings on Internet Explorer, and now it's working. Although I can't be 100% sure that was all, because I still get the warning saying 'this page is not available offline', but instead of clicking 'work offline', i click 'connect'. And it works!
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Postby prathapml » 12. March 2005 00:16

Hello Spongebob,
If you're running Windows XP/2000, then you'd rather run apache and mysql as a service. Go into their respective folders and run the .BAT file to instazll the service.

After this, your server is running right from start without you having to do anything to initialise it. This will also save you the trouble of those DOS boxes. To stop the server when you don't need it, run:
Code: Select all
and scroll down to Apache2 or MySQL-d and stop (or disable it altogether).
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