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Postby frozen » 08. March 2005 15:32

I know that a control panel like Plesk or cPanel would be more work then XAMPP its self. But have you guys ever thought of just making a basic one, so a person could have more then one domain pointed at their IP without it just sending the same page. My computer will be serving out about 7 webpages (all with their own .com) in the up comming month and I just don't want all the .coms to just webforward to http://IP/folder/.
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Postby Kroesss » 08. March 2005 18:22

I just saw this link in somebody's signature around here. Looks like it could be something for you.

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Postby jchapel » 08. March 2005 20:27

Yes, the link takes you to my limited working demo of the customers control panel. If you would like to see the full product and Admin panel the demo of the full beta version is here.


This is a open source project.

They also have a less featured production version there.

The beta is close to completion they are working out problems with builtin FTP and filemanager

Apache2 server will host your 7 domains all by itself. I'm am hosting 6 domains on one dynamic IP number, with named based virtual hosting without a control panel. Look into virtual hosting here:


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