Need help enabling SSL Accelerator Hardware support...

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Need help enabling SSL Accelerator Hardware support...

Postby sirius » 04. March 2005 18:41

Hi there,

I am using XAMPP v. 1.4.12. Everything works very well, but i need to be able to use the "SSLCryptoDevice=" parameter in my SSL.conf. In order for this to work, the mod_ssl piece needs to be compiled with


This whole thing is new to me. I am a longtime Win32 / IIS guy.

I have a customer that is trying to run Apache with OpenSSL under Windows 2003 and they want to use our SSL accelerator card. This is not a configuration that we ever tested, or intended customers to use, but one of my jobs is to help people with this kind of thing. I am on a huge learning curve here and it took a while to just understand the way all of this stuff interacts together. I had things mostly working (minus the accelerator card) with a manual setup, and then found this site and was quite pleased to get it all running smoothly very quickly.

I believe this is the last piece of the puzzle, but since i have chosen to use this Apache 2.0.53, i guess mod_ssl doesn't get compiled separately any more (?).

Rather than fumble through it completely on my own, i thought i would see if anyone is willing to give me a hand with this.

Is there a way that i can still use the XAMPP package, but turn on the extended ssl functions? I am dreading that i may have to start all over from scratch and do this all manually again.

Any help or direction will be greatly appreciated.
See ya!
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