PHPWebTools/ FreeMed -- anyone know about these?

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PHPWebTools/ FreeMed -- anyone know about these?

Postby StephenGlynn » 03. March 2005 17:05

I'm trying to install FreeMed, which I downloaded from

This requires, among other things, something called PHPWebTools, which is available at

The Windows installation instructions for FreeMed tell you to install PHPWebTools at C:\php\includes. I've assumed -- possibly mistakenly -- that for my purposes this means C:\apachefriends\xampp\php\includes

and then followed the rest of the FreeMed Windows instructions on that basis (i.e. editing various files to reflect this).

Anyway, when I try to run the application I get the error message

'Hello Intrepid User!
If this is all you see (if there is no login screen far above this), then you have successfully gotten Apache to work, but not PHP. FreeMED requires that you have PHP and PHP-MySQL to run.

This is the index.html, but you need to view index.php as the default.

If you have PHP installed and working already, you need to make sure that "index.php" is the first filename listed in the DirectoryIndex directive in your Apache configuration. '

I've tried stopping and starting XAMPP a couple of times, but it doesn't make any difference. PHP5 is running perfectly well. I've opened index.php manually and it seems to be falling over because it can't find PHPWebTools.

Anyone got any idea where I should install it? I've tried editing C:\apachefriends\xampp\apache\conf\httpd.conf but that doesn't make any difference.
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Postby Kristian Marcroft » 03. March 2005 17:11


just try to rename the index.html to index.old...
Or you go to your httpd.conf and look for the Directoryindex
Now behind the directoryindex you will see things like index.html index.php index.cgi etc. put the index.php in front of the index.html.
then save and restart Apache

So long
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Postby StephenGlynn » 03. March 2005 19:40

Thanks -- renaming the HTML file was all it took.
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