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PostPosted: 27. February 2005 11:58
by jkadg
After installing XAMPP, I run the Basic start on the start/programs menu. Then I receive a message. It's PHP something that the module version blablabla dosen't match. Then I close it, then I switch it to PHP 4. It runs. I would like to try out PHP 5. How will I do it? And also, I think the extensions especially the image extensions are not working. Because I tried the demonstration for the image library you know, "GD", then I didn't see any images. What will i do?

PostPosted: 28. February 2005 21:21
by Ron!
in dont no but you can try setting safe mode to off
but i dont think thats it

PostPosted: 01. March 2005 06:44
by Ron!
:idea: in dos take a look at "ab.exe" options some of them i think can help

-s Use httpS instead of HTTP (SSL)

good luck

PostPosted: 02. March 2005 08:25
by jkadg
It's impossible. and SSL dosen't work also! I use windows xp pro sp2.