Installation / Setup problems.

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Installation / Setup problems.

Postby poematrix » 24. February 2005 19:09

Hi guys.

Before I report a few post-installation problems, I want to first thank everyone, who is involved in the effort to put the XAMPP packages together. This is tremendously helpful and a great time-saver.
There do, however, appear to be some installation and setup issues with the latest release of XAMPP for Windows. I'm running Windows 2000 Professional on a Pentium PC.

I first attempted to install using the XAMPP Installer release. Towards the end of the installation I got an error message, according to which the installer was not able to fully extract libeay32.dll. The installer reported that 97% of the file had been extracted. After this error message the installation process stopped. I downloaded a new copy of the same Installer release with the same results, and repeated the same process (new download etc.) a third time. The error messages were consistent. Nonetheless, after running setup_xampp.bat I used the xamp-control.exe and was able to start MySQL as well as Apache.
However, the CD Collection example failed, complaining that it could not connect to the database, with the following error message:
Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Can't connect to MySQL server on 'localhost' (10061) in C:\Program Files\xampp\htdocs\xampp\cds.php on line 65
I then checked "Status" and all components were listed as "Deactivated". Yet, using MySQL Adminstrator, I was able to verify that MySQL is up and running, it includes a database called cdcol which contains a table called cds with 3 rows. SSL was also working, as I was able to access https://localhost and was presented with an expired cetificate. I did not change anything about the configuration, and I would have expected it to work.
But, the installation had been interrupted, right? So, I downloaded the Zip file distribution, removed the "Installation" distribution by deleting the xampp directory ("uninstall" was not available, since the original automated installation had not been completed), and unpacked the Zip distribution instead. After running setup-xampp.bat, I got the same error results. All components are listed as "Deactivated" on the "Status" page, the CD Collection example generates the same error, SSL - as before - is actually working, and MySQL is up and running, as reported by SQL Administrator.

Bottom line: After unpacking the ZIP file distribution, do I now have a stable installation, and the errors I'm reporting reflect a version conflict between the "Status" and CD Collection example on the one hand, and the current distribution on the other, or is there something seriously amiss? Should I expect future problems due to a bad installation, or do the examples simply need to be updated?

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Problem solved, was firewall

Postby poematrix » 25. February 2005 22:26


The major problem I had - unable to access MySQL is solved. Was firewall. Sorry to take up your bandwidth. Should have thought of it myself.

Take Care.
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Postby poematrix » 25. February 2005 22:27

I wrote:
> Should have thought of it myself.
Actually, I did ;-).

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Postby ivan8r » 22. November 2005 02:18

I'm also having problems installing 1.50. I am using the Windows installer version, and I can't get all of the files extracted. I keep getting errors during the extraction.

I have also downloaded the ZIP and the EXE, but I keep getting errors saying that these are invalid archives.

What do I do now?
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