I have a Different problem with XAMPP

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I have a Different problem with XAMPP

Postby BusySignal » 24. February 2005 05:46

Setup: Win2K+SP4. Intel PIII, 256MB

The installation went without a hitch. I read the readme_en.txt, I ran setup_xampp.bat, which said "Nothing to DO". So, then I ran apache_start.bat which started apache (I check the task manager).

The problem, I get continuous hard disk access after apache is started. I just left it to see if it would stop or reduce in frequency but it continued after 20+ minutes. The only way to stop this behavior was the run apache_stop.bat .

Any clue?

Note: I disabled my firewalls and that did not do anything. I check port blocking and other items as well. These do not unfortunately cause this crazy disk activity.. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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