Ftp connect problems. Need help

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Ftp connect problems. Need help

Postby statiic » 23. February 2005 20:36

I'm trying to connect to my ftp over internet.

NOw the ftp server works by connecting it over lan.

So i can connect ftp only over lan.

But the server is on another place and i want to connect to it over internet.

Now i checked the router like 10 times and the virtual servers are ok.

The website is working great so ftp should be fine too.

Is there any way that the settings of the sever are set that it only accepts a connection over lan.
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Postby taustin » 23. February 2005 23:14

Make certain you are not using passive mode on your ftp client when you connect. That requires additional ports be opened up and forwarded through the router. Never figured out exactly what those ports should be, but turning off passive mode (which is generally turned on by default on most ftp clients) always fixes it.
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Postby statiic » 24. February 2005 11:01

Yep it does. Thx
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