How to create Virtual Host for Tomcat & Apache??

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How to create Virtual Host for Tomcat & Apache??

Postby cityguru » 21. February 2005 00:40

I am using XAMPP with the tomcat plugin and i have a Java web application stored in Webapps, however i have multiple applications like this each with their own domain name and i would like to create virtual hosts so that when someone enters in the domain name they go to the right webapp folder. I also want it to work with Apache such that they dont have to enter 8080.

So i know how to create virtual hosts for regulr apache sites in htdocs but the problem i have having is getting this to work with Tomcat sites which fist use so that the tomcat sites use port 80 alongside apache but its after that in which i am having problems.

Has anyone done this before? and definitely know how to get this working with XAMPP and Tomcat plugin??
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