XAMPP with Norton Internet Security

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XAMPP with Norton Internet Security

Postby backscratcher » 17. February 2005 11:05

I installed XAMPP on a PC with an always-on internet connection running Win XP Professional and Norton Internet Security. When I run the xampp_start.exe, I get a Norton message which reads 'mysqld.exe is attempting to connect to a DNS server'. What option do I need to take on Norton, would I 'allow', 'block' or 'manually configure...' I don't want mysql or apache to be attempting to connect to the internet. I only want its access to be within my LAN or even just within this computer alone since I am only using XAMPP for development. Do I need to modify any config files in mysql and apache to do this?

Please help me.
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Postby Naughty » 23. March 2005 13:21

Personally I would block, and if that doesn't work you can alway change it anyway. Better to be safe than sorry if you don't want all and sundry accessing your site.
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Postby prathapml » 23. March 2005 23:28

First, you *HAVE* to allow mysql's port 3306 access.
And apache will glom onto all local addresses by default - so that has to be allowed too.
If those two things aren't allowed, then you will be able to do nothing.

So the solution is to allow those ports in the firewall, but setup your .htaccess to only be accessed through localhost. If you need more details about this, I'll be glad to tell....
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Postby Owen Stubbs » 06. March 2006 23:49

I realize this is an older thread, but perhaps my question, and the answers, will benefit others who do a future search.

I just installed xampp on a second hard drive in my computer. My sole purpose for xampp is to provide a test environment for myself only prior to publishing my website on a shared server through my service provider. I do not want to any access to the the xampp components by anyone other than me.

I changed user & passwords for mysql, xampp directory & filezilla.

I am also running Norton Internet Security under Windows XP Home. I have a Linksys router with the firewall enabled, and perhaps, this is sufficient.

Norton Internet Explorer needs configuration information for apache, mysql and filezilla. I am looking for an actual solution that does not begin with "delete Norton and get something else".

At the moment, I tried Norton Internet Security configured to only permit access to & from my computer, listed by computer name. That does not seem to work.

Based upon another recommendation, I also changed the following:

in the \xampp\apache\conf\httpd.conf file: Listen

and in \xampp\apache\conf\extra\httpd-ssl.conf file: Listen

So, my questions:

1) Is my router firewall sufficient on its own?
2) What are the appropriate settings for NIS?
3) Are the "listen" commands really all I needed in the first place?
4) Are there any other configuration files that require changes?

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Postby Owen Stubbs » 08. March 2006 05:49

Anyone???? :?:
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