CPU/memory usage

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CPU/memory usage

Postby bst82551 » 16. February 2005 13:24

sorry, but i only know english and a little spanish.

Why does apache use so much memory(18,472K & 12,196K)... and why does it have 2 processes now, as opposed to one(when i had apache installed by itself)?

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Postby jchapel » 18. February 2005 04:35


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You can never have enough memory, the question is how much memory is going to give you the best performance for your money?

"so much" is a relative term. Compared to what? if you compare it to Symatec's NIS, your Apache memory use is using half as much as it 's processes are using. If you compare it to a new document in notepad Apache is using 3 times more than it does.

Memory use with Apache is relative to the work it is doing, how many users, how much traffic, what apps are they accessing... Apache will use all memory Windows allows it to have in order to keep your server running at the best performance possible.

On really busy sites one will need to do some load balancing between a pool of systems in order to get the all the resources required.

Standing idle my machine is running apache close to yours, 15m-30m of memory. At startup you will see it go higher and then back off. Very little for what it is doing for you.

The second process for Apache is a child or spawn of the first. It is designed to restart the first one should it go down for any reason.
Security is the main reason for the second process.

There is a lot a user can do to maximize window's memory managment.
Do a search on "windows+memory+optimizing".

The best thing you can do is get more!
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lower now

Postby bst82551 » 18. February 2005 13:21

the memory has dropped now to a much lower level. It's running 2 processes, one at 6,804K and the other at 176K. That's minimal enough for me. I don't have a very fast computer or very much RAM... or any money to upgrade my computer, so i just try to stick with programs that use low amounts of system resources. Thank you. I'll try searching for that on google.

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