Global Hotkey to htdocs?

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Global Hotkey to htdocs?

Postby toastbreak » 16. February 2005 03:19

I cant stand this. I already had a global hotkey mapped to ctrl-shift-z and xampp has taken this over and now opens an explorer window to my htdocs folder instead.

Does anyone know how to stop this?
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Postby toastbreak » 17. February 2005 13:06

Just so someone here can be informed, the windows installer creates a link to the docs folder and places a hotkey reference in it.

What a wonderful liberty that they take having not asked you if you want it.
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Postby Kristian Marcroft » 17. February 2005 15:50


this is the reason why, we recomend the zip or 7zip file.

So long
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Remove the Hotkey but HOW?

Postby nazeroth1 » 25. February 2005 14:35

HI, i'll try here first.... as because of the tone of the first asker... no help arrived...

I'm completitly new to this... and i would like to know once u have that HK how to get rid of it ??? i also had a tiny app which responded to CTRL SHIFT Z and now i cannot use it....

PLEASEEEE... Help !!!!

On the other hand... i made a mistake when registering and registered my prefered nick, to a non existing addres... so i had to create a nazeroth1 to join.... can one admin kill the nazeroth user (if u check u'll see its myself) or have the activation sent to the right email addres (h missing just before the @)

Thanks !!!!
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Solution in english

Postby nazeroth1 » 25. February 2005 15:43

Go to START Menu\Programs\Apachefriends\Xampp\

There is a XAMPP Htcos folder icon/shorcut
Right click on it and click on properties
Erase or remap the hotkey !!!!
Restart Windows

Found it after a while in German...

PD: whoever started this thread.... if u are nice and not a crying B***T people will answer if not... u'll be just ignored like this....

Bye all....
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Shift Ctrl Z Hotkey

Postby davidg » 09. August 2005 23:41

Shift-Ctrl-Z is very much a common keybinding for "Redo", across many applications that people who are likely to use XAMPP will be using - Macromedia Homesite, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. I'm fairly sure it is used by Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Freehand, etc as well. Please correct this problem, it was very difficult to hunt down and fix this, and it's *very* annoying to have a folder pop up every time I try to redo something.
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