If you are good with DNS, Host etc, here is my question!

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If you are good with DNS, Host etc, here is my question!

Postby Killerfrog » 15. February 2005 06:33

Hello everyone,

Here is my config:

    Xampp 1.4.11 installed on windows Xp as a apache and mysql service
    Port is 8080 and server is inside a network having static ip adress : Port 8080 is redirected from the router to the server. (it has been tested and works)

    Mambo 4.5.1b (lastest version) installed ../htdocs/c/web
    (some other websites etc etc on other directory)
Here is My ISP config :

    port 80 and 25 blocked (+ others that I don't need)
    My Ip is dynamic but resolved on something like "myhomeip.homeip.net"

My server works without no problems. Now that the website is constructed and fully working, I want to buy a .com

I don't want the long http://myhomeip.homeip.net:8080/c/web appears in browser adresse bar either on links.

So I configurated a Virtualhost (but I don't undersand very well how does that work)

Code: Select all
<VirtualHost *:8080>
    ServerAdmin myemail@hotmail.com
    DocumentRoot C:\apachefriends\xampp\htdocs\c\web
    ServerName myfuturedomain.com

Code: Select all
<VirtualHost *:8080>
    ServerAdmin myemail@hotmail.com
    DocumentRoot C:\apachefriends\xampp\htdocs\a\web
    ServerName myfuturedomain2.com

So with that I got 3 questions :

1. Is my virtual host well written knowing that I do have other websites on my htdocs?

2. Is there any good place I could buy a domain with a DNS (I would like to have more informations about what is a DNS also please) that resolve my myhomeip.homeip.net:8080 but that will apear like www.myfuturedomain.com/index.php on relative links?

3. What do you think about redirecting on lycos.uk, DynDNS.org or no-ip?

Thx for future help, I hope someone will be able to give me answers on that... i've searched the web a long time, but I still don't understand all subtility about making a webserver.
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Postby Eraser__ » 15. February 2005 15:38

Your hosts are OK. For DNS and domain functions, I can suggest to use www.domaindirect.com. They are the best domain provider on the internet. I use the domaindirect in 6 years. So this is my suggestion:

Go to www.domaindirect.com

Register domain name what domain you will
be finish with payment process.
And after that You will receive an email with username and password, so don`t do anything in 24 hours, let the domaindirect DNS server tell the world about your domain name it is called DNS NAME SERVER update.
After 24 hours LOG ON to Your domain and do this :

CLICK ON Domain Forwarding
and on the top of the page You will se "forward WWW to http://" and just write Your server IP:

example forward WWW to http://youripaddress/index.htm or what is the name of your index file.

REMEMBER don`t do like this:
forward WWW to http://www.youripaddress/index.htm

because ALLWAYS if You use the IP address instead of the domain name NEVER USE www this is wrong:

forward WWW to http://www. WRONG ADDRESS.

But if You have one more domain name and will forward to it so here is example:'

forward WWW to http://www.anotherdomain/index.htm

I hope I was not a complicate, I tryed to explain.


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Postby Killerfrog » 15. February 2005 21:20

Thx for the answer but here is what I really want :

I want my www.domain.com redirect cloacked to my variable IP adress.

I have 3 problems in fact :

1. My ip isn't fixed (change often like once each 2 months)
2. Port 80 is blocked so I configured apache to run port 8080
3. There is more than one website in /htdocs.

So I want to configure the virtualhost to resolve www.domain.com when in fact the website is in /htdocs/c/web2.

I want people hit "www.domain.com" then my webpage opens and when looking at links on website, they are written like "www.domain.com/about.htm" insteed of the long way :

I know that with no-ip they can redirect hit on port 80 to other ports, but I really want to see the www.domain.com/xxx.htm in links.

So I would like to know if I should buy a domain at no-ip.com to use redirect on other ports and how to configure "Virtualhost" in apache. Like if I have to use virtualnames etc etc etc.

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Postby MacDaddy » 16. February 2005 02:13

try this http://www.freedomain.co.nr/ it will be www.yourdomain.co.nr
and you can cloack your ip from the config pannel
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Postby ozental_uk » 16. February 2005 13:33

I have the same issue as Killerfrog here. With my domain forwarding process, I have an option to keep the redirected URL to just to simply forward. This means most of my links show as http://www.domainname.com/about.htm. The only time this is a problem is if a new browser window opens and then the URL changes to

So I'd be interested in any ideas too.
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Postby Killerfrog » 16. February 2005 16:28

I did some picture to illustrate my problem:


See in this picture that when I open a domain.com that is cloacks my real ip+repertory on my server. insteed of , I would like the link apears : http://www.mydomain.com/link1.htm (but as being relative)


If i open link 1 in my browser, in adress bar it still aprears http://www.mydomain.com.


Finaly, when opening link in a new webpage, webredirect cloack disapear...

What I want is not complicated : I want to run a webserver on port 8080 with dynamic ipadress with more that one website on it having clean url when opening the webpage and when looking weblinks. I want a website as simple as anyother professionnal website hosted on a paid server!!!

So does someone able to explain me how to do that?!

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Postby Dave_L » 16. February 2005 22:06

A couple of things you might look at:

1) Absolute vs. relative URLs:

a) Absolute URL: http://example.com/example.html
b) Relative URL with full path: /example/example.html
c) Relative URL with relative path: example/example.html

2) Internal vs. external redirects
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dynamic dns...

Postby MAGnUm » 17. February 2005 02:05

go to noip.com and regester sign up for therit service (noip plus) it will do what you want, with a little utility that feeds their servers your IP address.
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(Disclaimer: if any of this info is confusing or vague tough, its free!!)
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