Apache (paging file grows)

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Apache (paging file grows)

Postby Eraser__ » 15. February 2005 03:44

Hello !! Can someone explain to me why apache use a lot of memory ??? and paging file grows, so I need to reboot apache every 5 hours.

I use:

Windows 2003
Xampp Apache and MYQsl are installed as service as described in readme file. On that server I am running a PHP portal for news update and some grabber scripts. So just don`t tell me about the PHP aplication and say YES PHP APPLICATION IS DOING THAT, because it is WRONG ! I tryed the same configurations on IIS 6.0 and the paging file and memory DON`t GROWS anymore it is stable. In my case I have to use Apache.

Can someone EXPLAIN TO ME WHY THIS HAPPENS ??????? and tell me solutions for this problem.

Thank You

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