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remove splash.php

Postby petesmc » 14. February 2005 12:48

How can i remove the immediate redirect to http://localhost/xampp/splash.php when i got to http://localhost/


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Postby Wiedmann » 14. February 2005 12:55

Delete index.html ("\xampp\htdocs") and clear your browser cache.
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Postby petesmc » 14. February 2005 16:58

Wow, you really do have to clear your cache to get that to work. I had deleted that directory for 2 days now and it was still trying to redirect to slash.php (always got a page not found).

Thanks!! Vielen Dank

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Postby yonscun_lie » 23. February 2005 14:54

Goto your xampp instalation folder , I assume C:\XAMPP

You will find folder name "install" (c:\xampp\install)

Find a HTML file (I forgot the names but there are little HTML files in that folder so you will not have any trouble to find which file is "splash")

Open that html files and delete everything between <body> and </body>

also delete everything between <head> and <head>.

Then put a META REFRESH tag into your <HEAD></head>. The target will be "http://localhost" and refresh time is 0 second.
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