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Postby Hjalmar-web » 13. February 2005 23:58

Hey Guys,

where can i get ASP to work with XAMPP?

It's working only with IIS...

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Postby gothgeek84 » 20. February 2005 03:00

Unless I'm greatly mistaken, ASP only works with IIS.

Actually, that's not true...ASP is complicated, because it's not a true language - it's a web front-end. In Microsoft's version (which is, pretty much, the only real version), it allows you to write Visual Basic and C# applications that work through a server, outputting the content to the web (It might work with other languages, such as Visual C++, I'm not sure. As far as ASP.NET, I suppose it works with all .NET integrated languages).

There is an ASP program for Apache, but it doesn't work with VB, C#, and the like (at least, not what i looked at...maybe the Windows version does, but I highly doubt it). Instead it uses Perl and perhaps others (TCL? Python? I don't really know). It's also not very common.

I could be a little off about some of this; I looked for ASP on Apache a while back, and this is all I could come up with.
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