IMPORTANT, Need to restart often!

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IMPORTANT, Need to restart often!

Postby Soopaman » 13. February 2005 18:23

Hi guys i need some help but firts let me tell you i luv you xampp really good stuff, but i have some problems.

This is what im running now.

Windows 2003
Xampp 1.4.11 with mysql and php addon.

Everything is up to date.

I also have a router D-link 604 the settings is working good nothing here.

Now to the problem.

My site works great for some time but suddenly and this happends alot the site wont work and i have to use the restart xampp.exe file and then it will work again, this happens at least 1 once a day, i have not configure anything this is a clean install.

my site is.

please help me what can the problem be, why do i have to restart xampp for the site to work.
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