html forms to php to sql hep

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html forms to php to sql hep

Postby pyro » 11. February 2005 11:47

Hi All

Thanks for your help, but i am still lost...! I was wondering if you could help me out with the following

If you go here you will see a html page with a form on it called " form 2 " you will also see 10 dropdown boxes called "target1 through to target10 "

I am trying to get the scores entered here to be submitted to a PHP script which in turn sends the info to a MySQL database

Would you be so kind as to start the php script for me, I realy am struggling with this and would buy you a drink or drinks for your trouble ! ( cant be many though as I am a Poor old student !)

I would not ask you if I did not need to , If you could get it to work for me with say 3 of the target dropdowns included I will add the rest as long as it is not to hard for me to understand

I hope you can help me out, as it is people like you make learning diferent thing a little easyer. I am dedicated enough to want to learn this but just need a point in the right direction

Please advise

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