hosting multiple domains on same IP/server

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hosting multiple domains on same IP/server

Postby portrower8 » 08. February 2005 03:52

That's my question -- how do I do this?

I have a dedicated IP address, and a dedicated server. How can I point two different domains to same place and host both?

Please advise.

Also, HOW do I point the domains? Do I enter IP address for nameserver?
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Postby Apache-User » 08. February 2005 08:15

use forum search.... search for vhost or virtualhost
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Postby webmosher » 08. February 2005 16:06

Assuming your DNS provider is doing all the right things, you have a number of options. In all cases, the real Apache documentation on virtual hosting is best.

In your case, the simplest way to deal with this is a simple name based host:

The simple example provided is generally adequate. What I have done with XAMPP is create a new HTDOCS area for my public websites and only allowed localhost access to XAMPP pages.

You can also do completely dynamic Vhosting if you have alot of potential domains. Apache has an excellent page detailing all the various methods:

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Postby portrower8 » 08. February 2005 16:33

Thank you for your help.

I will start there. Basically, our office has a dedicated IP, and an old server. I'd like to install XAMPP on it and host two websites for two different domains.

It sounds like this is do-able. I will do some reading and will probably have more questions than answers.....

thank you...
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