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Re: Port blocking

Postby Plusso » 15. February 2005 16:22

webmosher wrote:I hadn't realized that you are running Windows 98. Something on your system is preventing ports from being allocated to the web server. Specifically, it looks like the Secure HTTP port 443 is either in use, or is being blocked. Likely culprits:

1) Firewall software is blocking the port allocation.
2) Anti-virus software is blocking.
3) You already have a server using that port. Do you have IIS or MS Personal Web Server installed?

Hope this helps...

Well I haven't got those two things from point 3. BTW, what is IIS?

It looks like it may very well be points 1 & 2, but it's late here and I am very tired so I'll have to investigate this tomorrow with a clear head!

Thanks again for your help.

k0rrupt_0ne wrote:Hi i just had the exact same problem as you do. I found out that in my case it was a program called "Skype" that was using the same port as xampp. Once i shut it down it worked straight away. Maybe try that. Close some programs and see if it's that.
Hope you get it going again.

Hmm, haven't got anything called "Skype" on my computer but I'll give your suggestion a go tomorrow. Thanks for the tip!
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Postby Plusso » 16. February 2005 07:42


As you can see above I've shut down all running programs (eg: ZoneAlarm and Norton) which looked like possible culprits.

However, I am still getting that same socket 443 error message...

Wiedmann wrote:
k0rrupt_0ne wrote:Also i was wondering... is there a way to reconfig the apache in xampp to use a diffrent port?

http://httpd.apache.org/docs-2.0/mod/mp ... tml#listen

Worth a try? I'm not sure if I understand how to go about it though... where exactly would I type "Listen 80" or "Listen 8000"?
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Postby yonscun_lie » 23. February 2005 14:46

I have strange problem if XAMPP is installed in folder that contain spaces like program"_"files(program files->notice its space).

So I install in folder c:\xampp and it work good.

I afraid a program already use port 80 or your TCP/IP damaged (TCP / IP forced me to reinstall windows, but if you can connect to internet using that computer means that your TCP/IP is OK)

IIS = internet information services

to shut down IIS (for win XP)
goto control panel -> administration tools -> services
Shut down "IIS admin services".

I never use PWS so dunno how to shut it down.
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