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Xampp PAGING file in Windows

PostPosted: 04. February 2005 15:41
by Eraser__
Hello !! Can someone help me and explain me this problem. I am hosting an PHP web portal on the Xampp on Windows OS platform, but the problem is that every 4-5 hours I need to restart the xampp, because the PAGING file GROWS extreamlly high, and it causes that server FREEZE and stops. The paging file when windows start up is ca 450 MB, and when I start the xampp it grows up to 566 MB ok, it is ok, but after 4-5 hours the paging file grows up to 1.2 GB and the server freezez no possible to access the portal, so I need help from someone to explain me how to fiks this problem.

Thank You !!



PostPosted: 04. February 2005 16:50
by keisko
dude.. me too :)

and during apache.exe (service) runnin on memory, its using 500-600k of mem..

PostPosted: 04. February 2005 16:59
by Eraser__
Sure but it is not normal that Apache or xampp eat the PAGING FILE, because if You install only the apache without xampp it will not be the same problem, I would do it, but the portal is working correct now so I don`t want move the database from MySql on to one other if I install everything separatly. SO SOMEONE HELP PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!! :(



PostPosted: 05. February 2005 03:01
by keisko
Dude.. I have wrote a message about that problem to the board. However, I think admins or mods of this board doesn't knows What we are talking about.. or dont wanna reply/answer to that thread.. or not have time.. or.. or.. or.. ??
I don't know 'why'.. I have wrote 5 messages about that f..king problem so nothing..


PostPosted: 05. February 2005 04:21
by Eraser__
Belive me thay know what are we talking about, but the problem is to be responsible enough for own work, so if they will not give us an answer we can write a little article about this problem we have with xampp and publish it on the google, so other people don`t need to experience the same problem we have, and we can ask othe users for help.

Message to admins : XAMPP for WINDOWS have ONE BIG PROBLEM ! it is PAGING FILE. After 4-5 hours of running time the paging file GROWS extreamly much, so it causes that server stops the APACHE service and MYSQL. So I need to be near the server and RESTART the XAMPP after 4-5 hours. In my case when I stop (restart )the XAMPP and start it again, the paging file goes down from ca 1.2 GB on to 540 MB it is normal size for my server, so we need to REBOOT the server for to get it to work again. Please help us with this problem.



PostPosted: 05. February 2005 08:42
by jchapel
Newbie here trying to give you some hope.

I've been running Windows Xampp since Christmas and been having lots of fun. No memory problems, no performance problems. All of package running together all day long with addons, for days without a need to shut down.

This is on a WindowsXP SP2 P4 Laptop with a 20GB drive and 512mb 64 of that going to video.

If XAMPP is doing this something must somehow be misconfigured on your system. Mismatched versions, a bad httpd, could be alot of things and in my experience it is usually windows.

Are you running Apache and MySQL as windows installed services as suggested?

Have you done a search right here for "memory+ pagefile" Search all of the groups and go to google language to translate.

I'm no genuis, but I do know there are alot of thing that can go wrong with a web server if you don't know how.

I got thru my installation with just what was available at apachefriends and doing a little research before I before I started on the next step.

Have you gone thru readmes and documentation here and on the net.

If I see something that will help you I'll bring it here.
good luck to you.

Here what my task manager looks like. Image coming from my laptop. hope it works!


PostPosted: 05. February 2005 15:02
by Eraser__
Hello !! J Chapel, Thank You for suggestion, but I have allready done as You say, but still the same problem, now I am going to optimize the PAGING FILE for Background services and not for Programs as I have it right now and I`ll give the answer here.

Thank You again