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virus in pv.exe after windose installer run

PostPosted: 03. February 2005 02:11
by Bizzaro
this was found in my bin folder in the apache directory of xampp.
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in the german part of this forum, i found and translated a thread indicating that kaspersky is overreacting, but as im new to xampp i am reluctant to take that at face value.

it was found in "pv.exe" specifically and i am at a loss on how to proceed. google searches only show limited results mostly in non-english languages that google and babelfish are just awful at translating. the kaspersky virus encyclopedia doesnt even list it, and the other "not-a-virus" listings all have ZERO information about them, so i cant even get a feel for the 'family' pedigree it may share.

currently i am skipping the alert with kaspersky, but every attempt to run apache is met with the warning that access to pv.exe is blocked.

any help or guidance apppreciated.

PostPosted: 03. February 2005 02:49
by Wiedmann
the kaspersky virus encyclopedia doesnt even list it ... irus=40847 ... s_k=100408

--> There is no problem with this file.

PostPosted: 03. February 2005 02:56
by Bizzaro
thank you , i have added it to the exclusion list based on those links. thank you for pointing them out to me. :D