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xampplite-1.4.11 speed?

PostPosted: 03. February 2005 00:00
by dagimp69sme
I just downloaded and installed xampplite-1.4.11 and for some reason, when serving php pages, xampp takes *really* long to load them. Is there any known reason why this happens? I'm running a WIN2k server box if that helps. And is there any way to test how long the page takes to load?


PostPosted: 03. February 2005 20:24
by Maller
This should do it:
Code: Select all

function perform_getmicrotime()
        list($usec, $sec) = explode(" ", microtime());
        return ((float)$usec + (float)$sec);

$perform_time_start = perform_getmicrotime();

function perform_msec()
        global $perform_time_start;
        return round((perform_getmicrotime() - $perform_time_start) * 1000, 2);

<p><?= perform_msec() ?> msec</p>

PostPosted: 04. February 2005 01:18
by dagimp69sme
Cool... but I'm getting crazy times like 12000 msecs; 12 seconds for a page load!@ Yowzah. Is anyone else experiencing craziness such as this? :P