SSL Cert - Help to install SLL cert

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SSL Cert - Help to install SLL cert

Postby dantedantas » 22. June 2022 15:18

Windows Version: 64-bit
XAMPP Version: 8.1.5
Control Panel Version: 3.3.0 [ Compiled: Apr 6th 2021 ]

I need to install the SSL certificate in order to connect an expernal application (MS CRM Dynamics). I tried to folow many online tutorials but no luck so far.
How could I implement and activate a SSL cert into XAMPP? Has someone experience on that? Please, could someone guide me?

Thank you very much.
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XAMPP version: 8.1.5
Operating System: Windows10

Re: SSL Cert - Help to install SLL cert

Postby Nobbie » 23. June 2022 10:31

Which tutorials did you follow? And what went wrong?
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