apache wont start

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apache wont start

Postby edmond » 14. June 2021 09:44

a problem was detected port 80 in use but "Unable to open process with PID4!Apache will not start without config port free! you need to uninstall/disable/re configer Apache and the control panel to listen on a different port.
the above message appeared when i tried to start the Apache server.I am a new member and have no idea what this means.
thank you
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Re: apache wont start

Postby DraGox85 » 20. June 2021 10:24

@edmond follow the steps that I put to you to acontinuación, to my it worked to me in its day and I hope that it serves to you. It is for Windows 10, although I do not think you will have problems in other versions of Windows.

Hello, I explain the solution to this problem in windows 10

If we access to

Start>All applications>Windows Systems>SysysSystem command prompt

and type in the console

netstat -ano It shows us all the ports that the system is using, both TCP and UDP. In this case, port 80 is used by the PID system with value 4, which indicates the specific service that is using it.

Using Ctrl+Alt+Sup we access the Windows Task Manager, and in the Details tab, it shows us the name of the running process which is associated to a PID.

The system process referred to is the World Wide Web Publishing Service, which by default, starts in automatic mode with port 80.
In the startup browser we put Administrative Tools and from here we access Services. We look for this process, we access with the secondary button to Properties and we change its starting mode from Automatic to Manual.

To make sure that this port is released just do again a netstat -ano in the console.

In this way XAMPP can already **** by default that port without having to modify anything in the configuration files or having to change to another port.

Best regards!
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Re: apache wont start

Postby Altrea » 20. June 2021 11:49

Or follow the Q&A which contains some more strategies:
[Q&A] solving Port 80 in use by PID 4 (http.sys) issue
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