use xampp control panel with a separate MySQL installation

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use xampp control panel with a separate MySQL installation

Postby tesiag » 16. August 2018 21:37

I installed xampp for windows without the module MySQL, since I had MySQL community edition already installed and working on my system.

Now, when I open the xampp control panel I see that the MySQL start and stop buttons are greyed out (as expected since the xampp MySQL module has not been included within the xampp installation set).

I guess the xampp configuration files could be modified/customized so as to have my current MySQL installation activable fro the xampp control panel. I've bee trying several options but so far I did not succeed.

Any help? Thank you Andrea
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Re: use xampp control panel with a separate MySQL installati

Postby Altrea » 17. August 2018 08:05


That would not help. You cannot start/stop foreign single installation components with the XAMPP control panel.
That is not supported by the code of the control panel.

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