Have the .zip and .7z download files gone?

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Have the .zip and .7z download files gone?

Postby enigmatic_user » 16. April 2018 22:25


until version 7.2.3, XAMPP for Windows could be downloaded as installer, as a .zip or as a .7z file. The downloads for version 7.2.4 (and 7.1.16 / 7.0.29 / 5.6.35) only include the installer files. Did you give up delivering the other file types? If so, I'd really regret it...

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Re: Have the .zip and .7z download files gone?

Postby Volcano » 17. April 2018 07:44

Sorry, not an answer, just reinforcing your post.
I am myself looking for this one(7z) too.
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