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Is there anyone who speak english?

PostPosted: 02. August 2004 04:04
by good8
I just want to intergate the webmin 1.150 into xampp.How can i do?I just see pir187's article,but I read it because i speak english only.Can you help me?Thanks. :?: :?:

PostPosted: 02. August 2004 11:03
by Kristian Marcroft

try installing the XAMPP-Webmin Addon,
And then you just upgrade...

should do the trick ;)

So long

PostPosted: 15. April 2005 06:22
by snipes420
so upgrading using the webmin UI works?
is there any thing to watch out for with that?
I seem to remember that last time i tried to upgrade it i lost the lampp icon in the top bar. can anyone confirm?

PostPosted: 15. April 2005 07:03
by Kristian Marcroft

as long as your upgrading and not "installing" the newst Version it should do the trick.
Ich not please let me know.

So long

Just installed the latest webmin

PostPosted: 15. August 2005 06:31
by ben1155
I have just installed the latest ver of webmin and it is working perfectly
Only thing I can't get to work is the apache module, because I can't find the main files that the modules has to have in order to work correctly