Webmin official & Xampp help!! configure .

Seit kurzem gibt es Webmin als erstes experimentelles Add-on zu LAMPP. Hier geht es um die Erfahrungen mit diesem Zusatzmodul oder aber auch generell um Webmin.

Webmin official & Xampp help!! configure .

Postby dmyxampp » 12. November 2005 09:35

hello all user :wink:

My Version: xampp-linux-1.4.16.tar.gz

plese configure webmin for start services and configure xampp help , Step by Step Manual for configure webmin official to xampp.

or which webmin to usere for this version? however perhaps and better that I have the last officiale version of webmin. I want examples on like shaping it for xampp.

I have installed the webmin of the situated official site : http://www.webmin.com/ , I can shape it so that I shape the services of xampp? I would want info, step step... good bye to all aspect news more soon

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Postby Kristian Marcroft » 12. November 2005 22:36


basicly all you need to do is change each module that XAMPP delivers a Software for to the specified paths of XAMPP.


No more details to give.

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Postby dmyxampp » 13. November 2005 09:18

hello :wink:

please, a tutorial :cry: serves me on like shaping it webmin for xampp, or xampp for webmin. I attend news more soon, I hope someone me aids... Thanks
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