creating a foldered website after the TLD

Seit kurzem gibt es Webmin als erstes experimentelles Add-on zu LAMPP. Hier geht es um die Erfahrungen mit diesem Zusatzmodul oder aber auch generell um Webmin.

creating a foldered website after the TLD

Postby Auguss » 05. June 2016 04:49

I would be able to x-post this but I am not able to.

I am using Apache2 with the webmin interface. What my goal is that I already have a dns forwarding with masking from Let just for sake of it say it is currently My reservation is blah and I currently have a website on this 2LD. works as a website in itself. I would like to create another website using a link after that. How would I do this in apache2 config using webmin? I am doing this for a web interface administration program. So it will actually be a whole other website.
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