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Cannot login to phpmyadmin

PostPosted: 31. October 2018 02:19
by wiwood47
I upgraded an older XAMPP to xampp-osx-7.2.11-0-r01 and now cannot get phpmyadmin to login. Tried many changes to the login entries in my files (including,, & to no avail. Mac OS 10.13.6 with Safari. Thank you for any help.

Re: Cannot login to phpmyadmin

PostPosted: 15. November 2018 07:35
by yyyan
What is your error message?

Re: Cannot login to phpmyadmin

PostPosted: 19. March 2019 14:01
by hateebadja
I suspect it's not about the xamp that you updated, but it is likely that the mysql database password and username are from the website.

Re: Cannot login to phpmyadmin

PostPosted: 20. March 2019 11:21
by Nobbie
Edit and change auth_type (above user and password) from "config" to "cookie". This will lead to a login form in phpmyadmin (start over phpmyadmin), where you can enter the credentials directly online. If you still fail to open phpmyadmin, you must have forgotten the correct credentials...

With auth_type "cookie" the values of user and password are ignored (you may leave these empty or not in, does not matter), instead phpmyadmin takes the values from the login form.

P.S.: Ups, just recognized that the thread is quite old.... anyway, maybe someone can use this information.