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Run phpmyadmin as user apache

PostPosted: 22. August 2017 20:50
by ianm
This is our first foray into xampp but have used all the pieces before.

We have a development server using numerous vhosts. The web hosts are working fine, can connect to the database etc, no issues.

We run httpd as user apache, group developers so we can easily create site specific log files in the vhosts directory structure. All fine still. The log files are owned by apache:developers.

We can successfully start phpmyadmin. If we use an invalid user/password we get appropriate errors. However, if we use proper usernames and password we just get thrown back to the login screen - no errors.

We changed ownership on the phpmyadmin and temp folder - had to to get this far. We see the session information being written to the temp folder and it contains valid info.

I assume this is a permissions issue on another folder? Any suggestions? We have specifically made apache a member of the developers group so we don't need any global permissions to read/write the log files within the developers group.

Re: Run phpmyadmin as user apache

PostPosted: 23. August 2017 15:21
by ianm
I installed on a clean OS and experimented.

It might be just a coincidence but I changed ownership of the temp folder to daemon:daemon and now it works. The files in the folder are still apache:developers but it's working now.