How to restore Joomla Database manually !!! (Error displayin

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How to restore Joomla Database manually !!! (Error displayin

Postby freesix » 08. April 2016 10:50

Hi, I got the below error msg since I restored my Joomla project after I re-installed my OS.

Error displaying the error page: Application Instantiation Error: Table 'joomlabd.nqkpb_session' doesn't existe SQL=DELETE FROM `nqkpb_session` WHERE `time` < '1460104517'

In fact, to Backup my project, I did not use any specific tool, I only use copy/paste of Windows to my USB key.
I copied (www\my_project) that contains my Joomla project,
and to make really sure, I also copied the entire (c:\wamp\) folder to my USB stick too.

After re-installing my OS, I just pasted the folder (\my_project) in (www) of the new OS
and when I opened my web-site via wamp server, I got the above error msg.

I browsed many web forums and they said I was also supposed to backup the db (sql file).
I did not know, so I did not do that.

When I browse my backup located in USB key (F:\wamp\bin\mysql\mysql5.6.17\data\joomlabd\),
I can see all my db files in it.
Like I said, I also did backup of the whole (wamp) folder.

Maybe these db files can help too???

Please can you help !!!
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Re: How to restore Joomla Database manually !!! (Error displ

Postby Nobbie » 08. April 2016 21:26

freesix wrote:Maybe these db files can help too???

Yes of course, restore the whole "data" folder (rename the original "data" folder and replace it by the "data" folder from your USB key) and try again. For any further problems, you are in the wrong forum here, this is the Xampp forum NOT the wamp forum. You should ask in a wamp forum for deeper going questions.
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