Storage tables Disable.

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Storage tables Disable.

Postby Czarekplpl » 02. July 2015 04:24

I have
phpMyAdmin 4.4.10
Database client version: libmysql - 5.5.44
PHP version: 5.4.42
on Centos.
Any time I log in to phpMyAdmin I got this message:
The phpMyAdmin configuration storage is not completely configured, some extended features have been deactivated. Find out why.
Or alternately go to 'Operations' tab of any database to set it up there

When I click Fin out why I got this:
$cfg['Servers'][$i]['central_columns'] ...
not OK
Managing Central list of columns: Disabled

Than when I create tables by click here
Create missing phpMyAdmin configuration storage tables.

everything looks everything looks OK but problem come back in next login.
How to fix this??
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