error on phpMyAdmin

Und alles was mit phpMyAdmin seine Verwandtschaft findet hat hier seinen Platz.

error on phpMyAdmin

Postby dionisis71 » 09. March 2014 17:14


I have installed localy xampp 1.7.1. When i type localhost on browser it directs to the welcome page of xampp.


when i click on phpinfo() i get a blank screen


and when i click on phpMyAdmin i get the error


Server: localhost
MySQL said: Documentation

#1273 - Unknown collation: 'utf8mb4_general_ci'

thank you in advance
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Re: error on phpMyAdmin

Postby JRR » 09. July 2015 08:25

Simply clear all the cookies for phpmyadmin. I suspect that you had previously installed and ran a later version of MySQL/phpmyadmin, and the cookies for that are creating your problem. I just wrestled for a bit looking for the solution to the same problem and found you request for help (I assume you figured it out by now, this is for others in the future).
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