Import Database produces only 13 tables

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Import Database produces only 13 tables

Postby newbie66 » 25. October 2010 00:58

I am trying to create a local test site using xampp on Windows 7. When i try to import my Drupal database from the live site, it only creates 13 tables and says Error SQL query: but gives no explanation of the error. It's just blank after that. Then I changed my php.ini file to have upload_max_filesize of 500mb and post_max_size 500mb and memory_limit is 500mb but still only get 13 tables from my database instead of 98 :(

please can someone tell me what i need to do to get my database imported. I don't know how to use command lines - was always able to just import via phpmyadmin when I had apachetriad2

thanks in advance for any help.
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Reply: Import Database produces only 13 tables

Postby Zuhaib » 20. June 2011 12:22

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