Creating Database using PhpMyAdmin

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Creating Database using PhpMyAdmin

Postby DarkPaladin » 28. January 2010 03:28

How can I create a database in http://localhost/phpmyadmin/ ? I just want to test some php scripts in my pc, but I can't make a database since it says "No Privileges"? I remember before I used PhpMyAdmin before with an older xampp installer (xampp-win32-1.6.1-installer.exe) and I was able to make databases without any problems at all. What should I do? Thanks
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Re: Creating Database using PhpMyAdmin

Postby sili » 03. February 2010 16:22

Try going to the tab SQL and type "create database yourdatabasename".
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Re: Creating Database using PhpMyAdmin

Postby hknohne » 12. April 2010 16:23

I'm having the same problem. The default controluser is pma, and I set up a password, yet phpMyAdmin still tells me I have No Privileges. This is on a fresh installation of XAMPP (os: Mint 8).
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Re: Creating Database using PhpMyAdmin

Postby WilliL » 12. April 2010 21:15

pma@localhost isn't allowed to create databases (SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE ).
Login as root and have a look to 'privileges'.
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