Limit Restrictions???

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Limit Restrictions???

Postby theqco » 09. July 2009 16:19

Hey -

I am having the following issue with phpMyAdmin on XAMPP:

I would like to load 5,000 entries at a time while browsing my database. In the past when I was running phpMyAdmin on Apache/MySQL that comes with OS X this was not a problem. But since I switched to XAMPP when I change the limit from 30 starting at record 0 to anything higher than 200 starting at 0 all I get is a blank page.

Is this a config setting? A mysql setting? I think it has to deal with XAMPP because I installed the newest version of phpMyAdmin under a different name in htdocs and I am still getting the same error.

Any thoughts/comments/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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