Disable phpmyadmin Admin user

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Disable phpmyadmin Admin user

Postby oliverm » 21. November 2008 11:54


I've just got phpmyadmin and its working fine, and people can log on using a mysql user account.

However, i noted that you can also log on using the username 'admin' with a blank password (i found this by looking at the htpasswd.setup file in the /etc/phpmyadmin dir).

Now, whatever I do, you can always log on to phpmyadmin with user and a blank pass. Delete the line from htpasswd.setup, you can still logon. Change the password using htpasswd, you can still log on. I can't find any mention of the 'admin' user in mysql or its databases/tables.

How can I prevent someone logging on as admin ?

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Re: Disable phpmyadmin Admin user

Postby glitzi85 » 05. December 2008 19:59

What are you talking about? Either we are talking about login in phpMyAdmin (on the website) or you have enabled the authentification in Apache for phpMyAdmin. So where can you log in with admin and a blank password?

The users and rights are set in PMA:

Log in to phpMyAdmin (as root) and select Privileges from the tab bar. There you can see all users for MySQL (and therefor also phpMyAdmin). Do you see the admin user with No password?

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