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Postby jpkapache » 20. November 2007 02:16

I've installed XAMPP for Mac OS 10.4 on my Mac.
Everything installed fine the first time around. I was able to serve the custom XAMPP web pages, check status, security, PhpInfo and also

But I ran into a problem when I created security passwords from my Terminal command line. The system accepted the passwords fine and the status pages reflected the changes. But I could no longer access the
PhpMyAdmin screen. Instead I just got an error messagesaying PhpMyAdmin could not access MySQL.

Has anyone encountered this? I know about the file but I haven't had much experience modifying it and I'm reluctant to change anything yet.

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Postby sari42 » 20. November 2007 20:48

have a look at

auth_types other than "config" will ask you for the (new) credentials on the login screen ...
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