How to change port number for phpMyAdmin?

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How to change port number for phpMyAdmin?

Postby nkamp01 » 09. July 2023 13:51


I've been searching and found a config file(s). I saw also an config.default.php with
$cfg['Servers'][$i]['port'] = '';

I have change it to 3307 but doesn't bring anything. BTW at the top of this file is written "DON"T EDIT", I know!

But how can you change the port number for phpMyAdmin? (I have MariaDb on port 3307 and MySql on port 3306)
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Re: How to change port number for phpMyAdmin?

Postby Altrea » 10. July 2023 07:05

you need to create a file and edit it there.
the port in phpmyadmin only configures on which port phpmyadmin is trying to connect to a MySQL or MariaDB database. it does not change on which port MySQL or MariaDB is listening on.
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