proFTPd Admin und wie?

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proFTPd Admin und wie?

Postby Lingujia » 03. October 2004 11:22

die config vom Admin Tool sieht so aus::

/* Misc...
$config_sysinfo_only = false;
$config_proftp_admin_version = '0.6';
$config_proftp_admin_name = 'proFTPd Admin';

/* MySQL user and database settings. This need to be configured for anything at
* all to function the way it was intended.
$config_MySQLhost = 'localhost';
$config_MySQLuser = 'root';
$config_MySQLpassord = '';
$config_MySQLdatabase = 'proftpd_admin';

/* "Hard drive" drive listing on status page. This determines which mountpoints
* should not be included in this listing. Usefull for eliminating double
* listings due to a filesystem bind, or if you simply don't want it to be
* shown.
* Filesystem bind: This was functionality added in kernel 2.4.x to enable the
* user to mount part of a filesystem twice or more in the same filesystem.
* This is done like this:
* mount --bind /existing_dir_to_be_mounted/ /existing_mount_point/
$config_skip_mpoints = array( '/dev'

/* This is the default directory suggested as the homedirectory for users created
* using the adduser-form. If the value given here ends in '%HOME%', a short piece
* of Javascript will be used to autocomplete the used value (ie. if you joe in the
* username-field, the %HOME%-part will be replaced with the word 'joe' in the home-
* directory field).
$config_ftp_default_home = "/ftp";

/* This is the path to a script that is run every time a new user is created - you can
* use a script to for instance create homedirectories and set the correct permissions
* on that folder (leave blank if you do not wish to use this feature). You probably
* need root-permission to do this, and this can be done using sudo - a example script
* has been included in misc/user_script/ This value could look like the
* following (you need to include full path, as well as set-up sudo before this'll work):
* sudo /www/ftp_admin/misc/user_script/
$config_createuser_command = "";

/* Root of the ftp file hierarchy. Should not have a trailing '/'. This is also
* used with the values in "config_ftp_sections_down" and
* "config_ftp_sections_up" below to form a complete path (ie: the array
* members below are relative to config_ftp_root).
$config_ftp_root = "/ftp";
$config_ftp_sections_down = array( "/pub",
$config_ftp_sections_up = array( "/incoming"
$config_toplist_num_names = 5;
$config_toplist_padlist = true;
$config_userview_logitems = 50;
$config_userview_striplogpath = true;
$config_valid_shells = array( "/bin/false",
$config_default_shell = '/bin/false';

/* This one simply selects the style you want to use for this tool. Please uncomment
* one of the following names to select the style you want. "Easy Gray" is the default
* look.
//$config_style_name = 'yellow';
//$config_style_name = 'blueish_hue';
$config_style_name = 'easy_gray';

/* Paths to some utilities on your system. If they are not in the path you must specify
* their paths here.
// General
$config_path_to_who = 'who';
$config_path_to_df = 'df';
$config_path_to_sysctl = '/sbin/sysctl';
$config_path_to_kernel_config = '/boot/config'; // Linux default
//$config_path_to_kernel_config = '/usr/src/sys/i386/conf/GENERIC'; // FreeBSD default

// ProFTPd
$config_path_to_ftpwho = '/usr/local/bin/ftpwho';
$config_path_to_proftpd = '/usr/local/sbin/proftpd'; // Compiled from source
//$config_path_to_proftpd = '/usr/local/libexec/proftpd'; // Using FreeBSD ports

/* This is specific for Windows NT systems. There is only one option to set here,
* and the path has to be set exactly - the full path. You also need to use forward-
* slashes. Path can NOT have any spaces in it. If you downloaded the Zip-file, you'll
* find binary copy of these utils in the misc-directory (Just make sure you move them
* to a folder that complies with the description above, and set the path below to point
* to them).
* An example:
* C:/ftpadmin_utils/
$path_to_ftpadmin_utils = 'C:/ftpadmin_utils/';

^^^^^ Also: (das ist natürlich rohbau da oben hab natürlich mySQL db daten angegeben und so) Er findet die mySQL db's wunderbar... trotzdem kommt immer noc hein fehler und einen benutzer so richtig ertstellen damit geht auch nicht??? Was muss man denn noch angeben??? :oops:

Also die Fehler kommen noch:

Warning: mysql_num_rows(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /opt/lampp/htdocs/proftpd_admin_v0.6/include_user_misc.php on line 34

Warning: mysql_num_rows(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /opt/lampp/htdocs/proftpd_admin_v0.6/include_user_misc.php on line 34
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Postby Kristian Marcroft » 06. October 2004 06:57


ohne jetzt genau nachgeschaut zu haben meine ich aber das ProFTPd in XAMPP _ohne_ MySQL Support kompiliert wurde.
Also kannst du das knicken...

So long
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Postby DJ DHG » 06. October 2004 10:16

Moin Moin

Compiled-in modules:

mfg DJ DHG
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