TLS lässt User sitzen (Zeitüberschreitung)

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TLS lässt User sitzen (Zeitüberschreitung)

Postby SFnetadmin » 05. January 2008 14:36


ich habe FTP über TLS eingerichtet, jedoch können sich nach längerer Zeit meine User nicht einloggen wegen einer Zeitüberschreitung der Verbindung. Selbst bei mir taucht das Problem auf, obwohl ich bis jetzt nach einem Reconnect immer reinkomme. Sind meine User jetzt einfach nur zu doof, oder hab ich in der Config was verwurstelt.
Hardware: AMD 5600+ Dual core,mit 2Gbyte Ram und 100Mbit Standleitung.
OS: Debian 4.0, kein xinetd, standalone server(xampp1.6.4)

hier mal die config:
Code: Select all
# /etc/proftpd.conf -- This is a basic ProFTPD configuration file.
# To really apply changes reload proftpd after modifications.

ServerName         "FTP Server"
ServerType standalone
DeferWelcome off

MultilineRFC2228 on
DefaultServer on
ShowSymlinks on

TimeoutNoTransfer 600
TimeoutStalled 600
TimeoutIdle 1200

DisplayLogin /opt/lampp/etc/welcome.msg

ListOptions "-l"

DenyFilter         \*.*/

# Uncomment this if you are using NIS or LDAP to retrieve passwords:
#PersistentPasswd      off

# Uncomment this if you would use quota module:
#Quotas            on

# Uncomment this if you would use ratio module:
#Ratios            on

# Port 21 is the standard FTP port.
Port 21

# To prevent DoS attacks, set the maximum number of child processes
# to 30.  If you need to allow more than 30 concurrent connections
# at once, simply increase this value.  Note that this ONLY works
# in standalone mode, in inetd mode you should use an inetd server
# that allows you to limit maximum number of processes per service
# (such as xinetd)
MaxInstances 30

# Set the user and group that the server normally runs at.
User            nobody
Group            nogroup

# Umask 022 is a good standard umask to prevent new files and dirs
# (second parm) from being group and world writable.
Umask 022 022
# Normally, we want files to be overwriteable.
AllowOverwrite         on

#User should be jailed in their home directory
DefaultRoot ~

# Delay engine reduces impact of the so-called Timing Attack described in
# It is on by default.
#DelayEngine          off

#Log Datei
TransferLog /opt/lampp/logs/proftpd.log

# Uncomment this if you would use TLS module:
<IfModule mod_tls.c>
TLSEngine          on
TLSLog                     /opt/lampp/logs/tls.log
TLSProtocol                SSLv23
TLSOptions                 NoCertRequest
TLSRSACertificateFile      /usr/local/etc/ftpcert/host.cert
TLSRSACertificateKeyFile   /usr/local/etc/ftpcert/host.key
TLSVerifyClient            off
TLSRequired                on
AllowRetrieveRestart on
AllowStoreRestart on
DeleteAbortedStores off

# A basic anonymous configuration, no upload directories.

 <Anonymous /opt/lampp/htdocs/ftp>
   User            ftp
   Group         nogroup
   # We want clients to be able to login with "anonymous" as well as "ftp"
   UserAlias         anonymous ftp
   # Cosmetic changes, all files belongs to ftp user
   DirFakeUser   on ftp
   DirFakeGroup on ftp
   RequireValidShell      off
   # Limit the maximum number of anonymous logins
   MaxClients         10

   #Maximale Downloadtransferrate
   TransferRate RETR 200

   # We want 'welcome.msg' displayed at login, and '.message' displayed
   # in each newly chdired directory.
   DisplayLogin         welcome.msg
   DisplayFirstChdir      .message
   #Maximal 20 anonyme Benutzer
   MaxClientsPerUser 20 "Sorry, our maximum user capacity is reached"
   # Limit WRITE everywhere in the anonymous chroot
   <Directory *>
    <Limit READ WRITE>

AllowRetrieveRestart on
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