user nobody access to whole computer?

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user nobody access to whole computer?

Postby CeyloR » 23. April 2005 20:27

Hello everyone,

I've just edit proftpd.conf so users can log in to their own home directory. This works fine.

Theres one thing I don't understand. When I login as user nobody I get acces to the whole content of the server.

I prefere to kill the user nobody and just work with users I create in my OS.

I've tried to delete the part in proftpd.conf that says:

# Set the user and the group the server normally runs at.
User nobody

This doesn't make any difference.
Can anybody tell me how I get rid of this user nobody or at least don't give him access to the whole server?

Thanks a lot
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Postby DJ DHG » 24. April 2005 20:12

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