Xamp or wamserver concurrent connection

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Xamp or wamserver concurrent connection

Postby henryikede » 26. April 2018 17:25

Please I am a young programmer i need some help and clarification, I developed an Examination system with

cakephp and I want the students to write the exam offline using this application, I am using wampserver on

windows server 2012 r2, Hp laptop Core i5 with 500GB HDD Hard disk, 4GB RAM my question is can wampserver 2.5/ apache handle up to 500 students at a time to take the Exam?

(No other application is install on the laptop)

Hope to hear from you guys soon

Thank you.
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Re: Xamp or wamserver concurrent connection

Postby Nobbie » 26. April 2018 21:45

I dont think that anybody ever checked if a 4GB server can serve 500 requests (which requests??) at once. Anyway, your description totally lacks any information about the application to serve etc. pp.

Tell us after if it worked or not.
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Re: Xamp or wamserver concurrent connection

Postby Altrea » 26. April 2018 23:55

Nobody can estimate this.
It depends on your application how much ram, cpu, network is used per request, how often a request is fired, etc.
Lets say a website is the Main Page of Wikipedia en_EN. This site has 267kb and takes about half a second to finish loading the 37 ressources on my laptop.
So if 500 page requests would get fired simultaniously to that website on a single server, this server would need to transfer 133MB.
Lets say the loading time would be fully needed for the server to process and deliver the ressource than it would need 250 Seconds to finish all 500 requests.
By default Apache is configured to be able to handle up to 100 sessions at once which can be further increased.
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