I can not upload the Basque translation

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I can not upload the Basque translation

Postby lastur » 18. October 2016 04:39

I have translated the template.po for Basque, but I can not upload to the web, do not know what I'm doing wrong. This is what I did:
- I downloaded the template.po from https://translate.apachefriends.org/eu/apachefriends/template.po
- I have entirely translated into Basque
- I loaded the template.po translated from my PC (Mint 18) to the https://translate.apachefriends.org/eu/apachefriends/template.po page

But in then page I reread "This folder has 5116 words, 1% of Which are translated"

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you for your help.
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