broken links in RSS feed for apachefriends blog

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broken links in RSS feed for apachefriends blog

Postby p-schneider » 20. November 2014 11:35

The Links in the RSS-Feed ( ) of your Blog ( ) are broken. The rss feed links to instead of (I'm not talking about the hyperlinks inside your blog posts which are working fine, I'm talking about the <link> tags in the RSS/XML-File. Just take a look at the generated xml code of the feed -> view-source: )
Other metadata like the Author or Blog Name is set to values like "Blog Author", "Article Author", "Blog Name" or "Blog subtitle" but that doesn't bother me.

P.S.: In order to register an account for this forum I had to select a XAMPP version but it only lists the old versions up to 1.8.3-3 - I can't select the new XAMPP/PHP versions.
... oder hätte ich besser auf Deutsch schreiben sollen?
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Re: broken links in RSS feed for apachefriends blog

Postby fix-your-rss-feed » 13. May 2016 13:59

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