Wish i'd found you sooner!!.

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Wish i'd found you sooner!!.

Postby tailormadepc » 22. July 2004 15:33


Wish i'd found apachefriends.org sooner. I've tried and failed to manually configure Apache, MySQL, PHP, phpmyadmin onto my PC and have only managed to get xiwin32 to work however I don't want to use xiwin32 as i'd prefer to use Apache.

Anyway for 4-days now i've been trying to get all of this working, have even tried miniserver and all i'd get was a DNS Error. Was getting really frustrated as I just could not find anywhere that was really aimed at newbies to Apache, MySQL, PHP, phpmyadmin. Editing php.ini, editing other .conf files trying to get it all working and at the end of the day it did not :cry:

Today i've found you on the internet, downloaded your XAMPP package and literally within minutes i've got it all working locally!!.

Keep up the excellent work.

I'd certainly recommend you to others.

Thank you once again, you have saved a lot of further frustration. :D
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